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Trumpery to the Fourth Power

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 3, 2016 — Anhören/Listen to the broadcast

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric can be compared to his acts — and his acts not only fall far short of his words, they flatly contradict them. Do you remember his final campaign video? — the one that inspired so many people when he identified some of our people’s enemies — all of them ultra-elite and billionaire Jews? In it, he spoke to the massed crowd at one of his rallies as pictures of these enemies flashed on the screen: “[T]hose who control the levers of power in Washington… the global special interests… the global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” As he spoke those words, the faces on the screen were those of Janet Yellen, Jewish head of the Federal Reserve bank; Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish head of notorious banking firm Goldman Sachs; and George Soros, Jewish billionaire hedge fund operator and political manipulator extraordinaire.

So that’s what Trump said. But what has Trump done? He has appointed as his Secretary of the Treasury a Jew named Steven Mnuchin. Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Steven Mnuchin’s father was on the Goldman Sachs management committee. Steven Mnuchin’s mentor there was Lloyd Blankfein, one of those that Trump’s commercial told us was a part of the “global power structure” that was robbing the working class and stripping this country of its wealth. Steven Mnuchin says that Janet Yellen, another member of Trump’s “global power structure”, is “doing a good job”. Steven Mnuchin is also a Hollywood film producer and produced films with Politically Correct anti-White messages. Steven Mnuchin, who was a banking partner of George Soros himself. Steven Mnuchin, who is a hedge fund operator (Dune Capital Management) with all the parasitism that that implies. Steven Mnuchin is famous, in fact, for making billions off the misery of debt-laden homeowners during the real estate bubble a few years ago, buying a failed bank for pennies on the dollar, aggressively foreclosing on “loans,” then unloading the bank for $3.4 billion, while thousands of people lost their homes. Weiterlesen


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Von Andrew Joyce, übersetzt von Deep Roots. Das Original Reflections on Jewish Intermarriage into Native Elites“ erschien am 26. Oktober 2015 im „Occidental Observer“. [Anm. v. Lichtschwert: Dort ist dieser Artikel inzwischen entfernt worden; hier auf „The Truthseeker“ gibt es ihn aber noch, wenngleich mit einem anderen Titelbild, das ich für meine Nachveröffentlichung hier übernommen habe; das ursprüngliche aus dem „Occidental Observer“ habe ich weiter unten im Text verwendet.]

„Ich möchte meiner jüdischen Tochter danken. Ich habe eine jüdische Tochter. Dies war nicht geplant, aber ich bin sehr froh, daß es passiert ist.“

Donald Trump, Februar 2015.

Während unter den Weißenfürsprechern die Diskussion um die Kandidatur von Trump weitergeht, ist es mir nicht entgangen, daß die vielleicht hartnäckigste Kritik an Trump aus unseren Reihen seinen starken Verbindungen zu Juden gilt, insbesondere seinen familiären Bindungen an jüdisches Blut. Da ist sicherlich etwas dran. Trumps Tochter Ivanka hat…

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