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Published on Wed, 2018-07-11

Wolfgang Stahl, Anja Sturm and Wolfgang Heer with their client in April 2013, whom they represented, for better and for worse, through thick and thin, for almost 7 years, and they aren’t done yet.

by Carolyn Yeager

THE LIE AT THE BASE OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY  infects everything about it and thereby poisons especially its system of justice. Everything is political in this captive Nation — even ‚justice‘ has to follow the politically correct script.

After a five-year trial (a 7 year investigation), at the end of which nothing was proven for certain Weiterlesen


Hoaxer Claude Lanzmann dead at 92

Purveyer of holocaust by testimony

Published on Thu, 2018-07-05

Claude Lanzmann, best known for the 9-hour holoaust-genre film „Shoah“,
died on Thursday at the Staint-Antoine Hospital in Paris.

by Carolyn Yeager

SHOAH IS ‚CATASTROPHE‘ IN HEBREW. No doubt about it, the laws passed in Germany were seen as a catastrophe for Jews by Jews, but what took place after that never rose to the level of a “Holocaust.”

Jews were encouraged, and even helped financially and otherwise, to emigrate out of Germany. Most Jews, knowing the nature of the German people, preferred to believe the threat would “blow over”, or was something they could manage to survive, or thought they were too highly placed to be affected by it (like the Warburgs).

Because World Jewry AND the British-French empires declared and carried on war against Germany (with the help of their powerful British-French Jewish citizens), events soon became catastrophic for Germany also. Thus Total War developed and the Jewish population living in German-controlled territory was put to work in labor camps. As war-atrocity propaganda is always present in wartime, the gas chamber stories began to circulate, helped along by typhus epidemics.

Claude Lanzmann, a French citizen, entered the fray in 1944 as a 17-18 year old by joining the so-called French Resistance as an illegal partisan saboteur, Weiterlesen

…as Jews continue to force Deutschland to mistreat its own elderly folk

by Carolyn Yeager


THE JEWISH WORLD IS CELEBRATING! The 89-year-old woman they have dubbed the “Nazi Grandma” has finally been incarcerated in a prison in western Ger­many for a two year term. According to Jewish news outlets, Ursula Haverbeck was picked up at her home in Vlotho, North-Rhine Westphalia by police on Monday and taken to the prison at nearby Bielefeld to begin serving her sentence.

I have been informed that her lawyer is already petitioning to have her released on grounds of health.

The laws under which the Federal Republic of Germany (which is a non-Constitutional construct) prosecutes and punishes people like Haverbeck were put in place by the Americans in the late 1940’s as a temporary legal structure until the people were “re-educated” enough to form a new Constitution. Called the ‚Basic Law‘, it installed the findings of the ‚International Tribunal of Major War Criminals‘ and subsequent post-war tribunals carried out by the WWII victor nations as law that supercedes any of the “freedoms” guaranteed to Germans. Under this ‚legal‘ system, non-Germans are given great liberties and protections while the indigenous German people are forced to comply with the multiculturalization and multiracialization, and also subservience to Israel, of their homeland. If they publicly express their disagreement, they are arrested, tried, and jailed.

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January 27, 2018


Greetings and welcome from the committee. We are made up of scientists, engineers, literary text experts, historical researchers, free-speech advocates, skeptics, and the just plain intellectually curious. We invite you to join us!

We chose January 27 for our day of commemoration because of the ceremonies taking place on this date at the United Nations in New York City and at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum in Poland. That commemoration is named the “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.”

We thought it would be a good idea to add our voices to the many that are being heard in those places, telling their stories of gas chambers, torture, starvation, and genocide. Our stories are about science, the laws of physics, technical possibilities and impossibilities, common sense and the constant lowering of the death tolls.
We bring Good News! For example: Weiterlesen

by Veronica Clark


What exactly did the NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) represent and who were its founding members? Why and how did Adolf Hitler transform the party from an unimpressive proletariat workers’ party to a full-fledged political machine that obtained absolute power in Germany? Perhaps more important, how was it funded? We answer these questions in this introduction. But first, we begin with an examination of the early stages of the NSDAP and ist recruiting process. One must understand how this process unfolded if one is to understand the NSDAP’s position on Judaism and Free­masonry as well as the prevailing social and political order of the day. Naturally, we also reveal some of the other important aspects of its early development, which necessitates a fair amount of myth busting about Hitler, including who actually gave him money.

Triumvirate: Leadership, development and unity

Adolf Hitler, contrary to his own self-myths and the myths of others, was not poor — at least not until he had drained his savings and entitlements gallivanting in Vienna. Many historians have written that Hitler simply lived day-to-day wasting both his money and time, but in so doing they overlook Hitler’s experiences and ‘life education’ that later played such an important role in the development and direction of National Socialism as well as the Second World War. The development and direction of both can be traced to Hitler’s experiences during those “lost” years.

Hitler, like so many other young German men and women of his day, fell from middle-class status into that of the “wretched proletariat.” This was something that young Hitler refused to accept. He was deeply embittered by his Vienna experiences, which offered false promises of prosperity and hope for young people with enough willpower and talent. The prevailing dissonance of the time and place in which he grew up incul­cated in him a burning desire to change these circumstances, which is precisely what he did after 1933. Hitler was so resentful of the class-ridden society that was Vienna, and Austria and Europe generally, that one of his key aims throughout both the peace and war years was cultivating a system of merit. One’s birth station was not what mattered. What mattered were one’s talent, loyalty, dependability and fortitude, notably in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Hitler was able to overcome most imbedded class barriers in two distinct ways: Weiterlesen

von RichieFromBoston

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This is why SOLAR SHIELD 2017 Was so Big, such an monumentally huge declaration. They KNEW they were going to step it up in 2018 and they sure have. They are going to destroy the morale of Americans through weather manipulation, freezing cold, massive storms and then use their 5G technology to mop up the rest. Hold on, ground yourself in Prayer, let go of your television and focus on whats clearly begun.



Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign

Kaum zu glauben, soll aber tatsächlich „echt“ gewesen sein:

Die Lady hatte vorher wohl schon 3 Unfälle Begegnungen mit solch‘ fehlgeleitetem Getier…



The dysfunctrional Lakewood School Board meets: left to right, Orthodox Jewish President Barry Iann (just quit); Jewish board attorney Marc Zitomer (now replaced); Vice-president Ada Gonzalez (status unknown).

By Carolyn Yeager

AND WHEN YOU GET HUNDREDS OF THESE FAMILIES in one school district, as is the case in Lakewood NJ, the burden is unsupportable. Further, the city government projects that its current population of more than 100,700 will reach 220,000 by 2030, an in­crease made up entirely of ultra-orthodox Jews.

The biggest problem that comes with ultra-orthodox Jewish families that have 5 to 10 children each is the higher incidence of “special needs” individuals among them. Lakewood women have the highest birth rate in the state with 4,000 births per year. A higher than normal percentage of these births are children with disabilities that occur more commonly among the Jewish Orthodox than among the non-Jewish population. I previously wrote about this most specifically in my July 30 post; please read or reread it.

In that article, I quoted David Shafter, the Jewish state-appointed monitor of Lakewood schools as admitting:

“We have a high number of children who have special medical needs that arose from genetic disease. A lot of children in the Orthodox community have this. In some cases, it requires special environmental conditions. We also have a number of children who need one-on-one nurses.’’

Thus, in the past year the Lakewood school budget spent $33.8 million on 1,254 special needs students, not including out-of-district busing for 346 children of that group to private schools in surrounding towns. The continuing growth of the already burgeoning number of young orthodox Jewish men attending the local yeshivas, with their growing families, along with their high incidence of disabled offspring caused by marrying within a close-knit group, plus a racial susceptibility to certain genetic disea­ses, is the reason for the skyrocketing special education costs that are bank­rupting the Lakewood school district.

On top of this is the growth of “progressive” decisions by liberal judges and court systems to mandate generous students‘ and parents‘ rights in the area of public edu­cation at the taxpayer’s expense. Jews, better than anybody else, know how to take advantage of this. […]

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Da sieht man es wieder: Juden SIND eine (degenerierte) Gegenrasse!


Quelle: Large Orthodox Jewish families are an unfair burden for school districts | Carolyn Yeager

Ursula Haverbeck sits in a Berlin court today with her attorney to answer new charges filed against her for a „holocaust-denying“ statement she made on January 30th last year. She was sentenced to a six-month prison term.

By Carolyn Yeager

TODAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017, 88-YEAR OLD URSULA HAVERBECK was once again dragged into court, convicted and sentenced to 6-months in prison for the ridiculous „crime“ of saying there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. This makes her a „holocaust denier.“ (See my latest article here) This particular crime took place during an event in Berlin on January 30, 2016.

Haverbeck has in the past called the Holocaust „the biggest and most sustained lie in history.“

She has also filed charges against Germany’s Central Council of Jews for „prosecuting innocent people.“

She is correct, of course, but even so such statements are not allowed in her country where „truth is no defense.“ In Germany, denying or trivializing the „Holocaust“ is a criminal offense. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager


…in Ergänzung zu Junker würde Katalonien verhungern lassen.

Klingt durchaus plausibel, was in der Video-Beschreibung zu dem Thema „katalanische Volksabstimmung“ behauptet wird…


von Zionist Report

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     »What the international Jewish media is reporting is FALSE. And this is how they shape public opinion. TRULY REVOLTING! There is an obvious conspiracy against the Spanish people, against the truth, and against their unity. What we see is a direct attack on patriotism and the unity of a European country. SPAIN HAS GIVEN THE WORLD A LESSON, they have shown, HOW STRONG PEOPLE ARE WHEN THEY COME TOGETHER. IF WE ALL DID THIS, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE ‚JEWISH INFLUENCE CAPABLE OF DESTROYING US‘. That is the reason why the media does not want you to know the truth.

The ‚referendum’s‘ Intention Weiterlesen