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Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign

Kaum zu glauben, soll aber tatsächlich „echt“ gewesen sein:

Die Lady hatte vorher wohl schon 3 Unfälle Begegnungen mit solch‘ fehlgeleitetem Getier…




The dysfunctrional Lakewood School Board meets: left to right, Orthodox Jewish President Barry Iann (just quit); Jewish board attorney Marc Zitomer (now replaced); Vice-president Ada Gonzalez (status unknown).

By Carolyn Yeager

AND WHEN YOU GET HUNDREDS OF THESE FAMILIES in one school district, as is the case in Lakewood NJ, the burden is unsupportable. Further, the city government projects that its current population of more than 100,700 will reach 220,000 by 2030, an in­crease made up entirely of ultra-orthodox Jews.

The biggest problem that comes with ultra-orthodox Jewish families that have 5 to 10 children each is the higher incidence of “special needs” individuals among them. Lakewood women have the highest birth rate in the state with 4,000 births per year. A higher than normal percentage of these births are children with disabilities that occur more commonly among the Jewish Orthodox than among the non-Jewish population. I previously wrote about this most specifically in my July 30 post; please read or reread it.

In that article, I quoted David Shafter, the Jewish state-appointed monitor of Lakewood schools as admitting:

“We have a high number of children who have special medical needs that arose from genetic disease. A lot of children in the Orthodox community have this. In some cases, it requires special environmental conditions. We also have a number of children who need one-on-one nurses.’’

Thus, in the past year the Lakewood school budget spent $33.8 million on 1,254 special needs students, not including out-of-district busing for 346 children of that group to private schools in surrounding towns. The continuing growth of the already burgeoning number of young orthodox Jewish men attending the local yeshivas, with their growing families, along with their high incidence of disabled offspring caused by marrying within a close-knit group, plus a racial susceptibility to certain genetic disea­ses, is the reason for the skyrocketing special education costs that are bank­rupting the Lakewood school district.

On top of this is the growth of “progressive” decisions by liberal judges and court systems to mandate generous students‘ and parents‘ rights in the area of public edu­cation at the taxpayer’s expense. Jews, better than anybody else, know how to take advantage of this. […]

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Da sieht man es wieder: Juden SIND eine (degenerierte) Gegenrasse!


Quelle: Large Orthodox Jewish families are an unfair burden for school districts | Carolyn Yeager

Ursula Haverbeck sits in a Berlin court today with her attorney to answer new charges filed against her for a „holocaust-denying“ statement she made on January 30th last year. She was sentenced to a six-month prison term.

By Carolyn Yeager

TODAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017, 88-YEAR OLD URSULA HAVERBECK was once again dragged into court, convicted and sentenced to 6-months in prison for the ridiculous „crime“ of saying there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. This makes her a „holocaust denier.“ (See my latest article here) This particular crime took place during an event in Berlin on January 30, 2016.

Haverbeck has in the past called the Holocaust „the biggest and most sustained lie in history.“

She has also filed charges against Germany’s Central Council of Jews for „prosecuting innocent people.“

She is correct, of course, but even so such statements are not allowed in her country where „truth is no defense.“ In Germany, denying or trivializing the „Holocaust“ is a criminal offense. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager


…in Ergänzung zu Junker würde Katalonien verhungern lassen.

Klingt durchaus plausibel, was in der Video-Beschreibung zu dem Thema „katalanische Volksabstimmung“ behauptet wird…


von Zionist Report

Am 01.10.2017 veröffentlicht

     »What the international Jewish media is reporting is FALSE. And this is how they shape public opinion. TRULY REVOLTING! There is an obvious conspiracy against the Spanish people, against the truth, and against their unity. What we see is a direct attack on patriotism and the unity of a European country. SPAIN HAS GIVEN THE WORLD A LESSON, they have shown, HOW STRONG PEOPLE ARE WHEN THEY COME TOGETHER. IF WE ALL DID THIS, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE ‚JEWISH INFLUENCE CAPABLE OF DESTROYING US‘. That is the reason why the media does not want you to know the truth.

The ‚referendum’s‘ Intention Weiterlesen

Dein Tod ist uns Fanal!  (Deutsch bei Metapedia)

On the eve of April 25, 1995, Reinhold Elstner, a retired 75-year-old chemist, engineer and Wehrmacht veteran, walked up the steps to the Feldherrnhalle (Germany’s “Hall of Heroes”) – doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself on fire.

Attempts by bystanders to rescue him were futile; twelve hours later Reinhold Elstner was dead.


Reinhold Elstner’s last letter

translated by Hans Schmidt


In Germany, in Austria, in Switzerland, and everywhere else in the world: Please awaken!

50 years of never-ending defamation, ugly lies and the demonization of an entire people are enough,

50 years of incredible insults to former German soldiers, of blackmail that costs billions, and of “democratic” hate, are more than one can take,

50 years of judicial Zionist revenge are sufficient,

50 years of trying to create rifts between generations of Germans by criminalizing the fathers and grandfathers are too much.

It is incredible what we have to take in this anniversary year. A Niagara-like flood of lies and defamations Weiterlesen

„So wenig hundert Hohlköpfe einen Weisen ergeben, so wenig kommt aus hundert Feiglingen ein heldenhafter Entschluß.“ — Adolf Hitler

"Neues Europa"


Democracy or Leadership

Translated by Hadding Scott from the 16th (1940) edition of Hansjoerg Maennel’s Politische Fibel.

Democracy is the doctrine of the equality of all human beings and of the ability of all human beings to govern themselves. (Democracy, Greek = rule by the folk, rule by the masses.)

The starting point of the democratic conception is: „All men are equal.“ „Everything that bears a human countenance is equal.“ Not only are the peoples equal to each other (this view leads to Internationalism), but even the human beings within a folk are equal. Consequently all have equal rights, even an equal right to participate in the state. „The authority of the state comes from the people.“ (Weimar Constitution, Article 1.) – Since direct rule by the people is unworkable, one chooses representative democracy or parliamentary government.

Parliamentarism is the principle of vote by representatives, who make decisions…

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by NS Propagandaleiter 


Today is the 113-th birthday of

SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich

The Führer said about him: „One of the best national socialists, one of the best believers in the German ideology, and one of the greatest opponents to all enemies of the Third Reich.“




"Neues Europa"



Wouldn’t it be great to purge our society of all the degenerate modern art that is relentlessly shoved down our throats? It is poorly executed, does not require any talent, degrades the human spirit, is thoroughly jewish, and makes sane people feel physically sick.

Well, the National Socialists, led by a talented painter named Adolf Hitler, saw this “art” as a threat to the well-being of the German folk and decided to do something about it. They called it Entartete Kunst, which is German for Degenerate Art, and quarantined pieces they they deemed to be subversive, putting them on display for the folk to see in its proper context.


The German people lined up by the thousands to view the Degenerate Art exhibit and laugh at the grotesque creations jews had been passing off as something valuable during the Weimar Republic. Compared with the artwork being promoted by the National Socialists…

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Trumpery to the Fourth Power

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 3, 2016 — Anhören/Listen to the broadcast

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric can be compared to his acts — and his acts not only fall far short of his words, they flatly contradict them. Do you remember his final campaign video? — the one that inspired so many people when he identified some of our people’s enemies — all of them ultra-elite and billionaire Jews? In it, he spoke to the massed crowd at one of his rallies as pictures of these enemies flashed on the screen: “[T]hose who control the levers of power in Washington… the global special interests… the global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” As he spoke those words, the faces on the screen were those of Janet Yellen, Jewish head of the Federal Reserve bank; Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish head of notorious banking firm Goldman Sachs; and George Soros, Jewish billionaire hedge fund operator and political manipulator extraordinaire.

So that’s what Trump said. But what has Trump done? He has appointed as his Secretary of the Treasury a Jew named Steven Mnuchin. Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Steven Mnuchin’s father was on the Goldman Sachs management committee. Steven Mnuchin’s mentor there was Lloyd Blankfein, one of those that Trump’s commercial told us was a part of the “global power structure” that was robbing the working class and stripping this country of its wealth. Steven Mnuchin says that Janet Yellen, another member of Trump’s “global power structure”, is “doing a good job”. Steven Mnuchin is also a Hollywood film producer and produced films with Politically Correct anti-White messages. Steven Mnuchin, who was a banking partner of George Soros himself. Steven Mnuchin, who is a hedge fund operator (Dune Capital Management) with all the parasitism that that implies. Steven Mnuchin is famous, in fact, for making billions off the misery of debt-laden homeowners during the real estate bubble a few years ago, buying a failed bank for pennies on the dollar, aggressively foreclosing on “loans,” then unloading the bank for $3.4 billion, while thousands of people lost their homes. Weiterlesen

"Neues Europa"

With explanations provided by Gottfried Feder, Dipl. Engineer



The Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money

  1. What is Mammonism?
  2. What is the cure for Mammonism?
  3. The nine points of the Manifesto.

Implementation and Rationale

  1. Because of failed promises of the German Revolution of 1918 the people are tending more and more toward Bolshevism.
  2. The German folk are sick with Mammonism.
  3. Mammonism derives its power from interest on loans.
  4. The way to cure Mammonism is by abolishing interest on loans, especially war-bonds.
  5. The vast majority of Germans holding war-bonds really lose money because of them, because they have to pay taxes to cover the interest payments; only the largest holders of war-bonds have a net profit from them.
  6. Germany’s real wealth consists not in any material assets but in the productivity of the German people.
  7. If the obligation to pay interest on public debt were ended, the…

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