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Today is the 113-th birthday of

SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich

The Führer said about him: „One of the best national socialists, one of the best believers in the German ideology, and one of the greatest opponents to all enemies of the Third Reich.“




"Neues Europa"



Wouldn’t it be great to purge our society of all the degenerate modern art that is relentlessly shoved down our throats? It is poorly executed, does not require any talent, degrades the human spirit, is thoroughly jewish, and makes sane people feel physically sick.

Well, the National Socialists, led by a talented painter named Adolf Hitler, saw this “art” as a threat to the well-being of the German folk and decided to do something about it. They called it Entartete Kunst, which is German for Degenerate Art, and quarantined pieces they they deemed to be subversive, putting them on display for the folk to see in its proper context.


The German people lined up by the thousands to view the Degenerate Art exhibit and laugh at the grotesque creations jews had been passing off as something valuable during the Weimar Republic. Compared with the artwork being promoted by the National Socialists…

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Trumpery to the Fourth Power

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 3, 2016 — Anhören/Listen to the broadcast

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric can be compared to his acts — and his acts not only fall far short of his words, they flatly contradict them. Do you remember his final campaign video? — the one that inspired so many people when he identified some of our people’s enemies — all of them ultra-elite and billionaire Jews? In it, he spoke to the massed crowd at one of his rallies as pictures of these enemies flashed on the screen: “[T]hose who control the levers of power in Washington… the global special interests… the global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” As he spoke those words, the faces on the screen were those of Janet Yellen, Jewish head of the Federal Reserve bank; Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish head of notorious banking firm Goldman Sachs; and George Soros, Jewish billionaire hedge fund operator and political manipulator extraordinaire.

So that’s what Trump said. But what has Trump done? He has appointed as his Secretary of the Treasury a Jew named Steven Mnuchin. Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Steven Mnuchin’s father was on the Goldman Sachs management committee. Steven Mnuchin’s mentor there was Lloyd Blankfein, one of those that Trump’s commercial told us was a part of the “global power structure” that was robbing the working class and stripping this country of its wealth. Steven Mnuchin says that Janet Yellen, another member of Trump’s “global power structure”, is “doing a good job”. Steven Mnuchin is also a Hollywood film producer and produced films with Politically Correct anti-White messages. Steven Mnuchin, who was a banking partner of George Soros himself. Steven Mnuchin, who is a hedge fund operator (Dune Capital Management) with all the parasitism that that implies. Steven Mnuchin is famous, in fact, for making billions off the misery of debt-laden homeowners during the real estate bubble a few years ago, buying a failed bank for pennies on the dollar, aggressively foreclosing on “loans,” then unloading the bank for $3.4 billion, while thousands of people lost their homes. Weiterlesen

"Neues Europa"

With explanations provided by Gottfried Feder, Dipl. Engineer



The Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money

  1. What is Mammonism?
  2. What is the cure for Mammonism?
  3. The nine points of the Manifesto.

Implementation and Rationale

  1. Because of failed promises of the German Revolution of 1918 the people are tending more and more toward Bolshevism.
  2. The German folk are sick with Mammonism.
  3. Mammonism derives its power from interest on loans.
  4. The way to cure Mammonism is by abolishing interest on loans, especially war-bonds.
  5. The vast majority of Germans holding war-bonds really lose money because of them, because they have to pay taxes to cover the interest payments; only the largest holders of war-bonds have a net profit from them.
  6. Germany’s real wealth consists not in any material assets but in the productivity of the German people.
  7. If the obligation to pay interest on public debt were ended, the…

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So „unpolitisch“ war der gar nicht, wie uns hier immer erzählt wird. Trump seit 1980:


Man möchte ihm wirklich gern glauben…

Jaja, ich weiß.


"Neues Europa"


My German Nation!

In November 1918, when the German nation laid down its arms trusting implicitly in the assurances contained in President Wilson’s 14 Points, this marked the end of a disastrous struggle for which some individual statesmen could be blamed but certainly not the people of the warring nations. The German People fought so heroically only because they were completely convinced that they had been wrongfully attacked and were therefore justified in fighting. The other nations had hardly any idea of the immense sacrifice which Germany, almost entirely without allies, was forced to make at that time. If in those months the rest of the world had held out its hand to its defeated enemy in a spirit of fairness, mankind would have been spared a great deal of suffering and countless disappointments.

The German People suffered the most profound disappointment. Never had a defeated nation tried more…

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The Party’s Young Array

"Neues Europa"

by Reichs Youth Führer Arthur Axmann


It is from past dynasties that ruling sovereigns usually take over the leadership in their country without any significant struggle. The personality of Adolf Hitler however, conquered the nation in a unique struggle started deep within his people. He gave us the Weltanschauung that dominates the 20th century and he initiated the National Socialist Movement that took control over the state. With giant steps the Führer stormed ahead and using all means of the state to found the Greater German Reich, further adapting reality to his idea. The world envied his state of order and social justice and therefore declared war on us. Up to now however, Adolf Hitler’s people’s army defeated all enemies, wherever they met them. The dynamic force behind our revolution and our constructive work is and always will be the Führer’s first foundation: the party. It has always been…

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"Neues Europa"

By Mike Walsh


England the Quisling Nation01

Never underestimate the power of propaganda or consider yourself immune to it.  Propaganda is persistent, powerful, and pervasive. The courage and integrity of Norwegian statesman Vidkun Quisling (1887 ~ 1945) sets him apart from all but a very few great men. Yet, his name is synonymous with base treachery and cowardice.

When on June 22 1941 the Reich invaded Soviet Occupied Europe the guts were torn out of Stalin’s intention to invade Europe three weeks later on July 6. During their rapid deployment German troops were astonished to find icons and busts of Vidkun Quisling and Fridtjof Nansen placed in homesteads and Orthodox Churches. Few of these troops would be other than vaguely aware of Quisling but throughout the Reich liberated territories Quisling was revered as a saint.

England the Quisling Nation02

Vidkun Quisling with Hitler

At 21-years old the young Norwegian achieved an Army officer’s position. Three…

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Berlin Olympics 1936

"Neues Europa"

1936 Olympic Games Poster

Mike Walsh


August 1, 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the opening day of1 the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The Berlin event was unique in that it boasted the largest number of foreign athletes in the history of the Olympics. The Berlin Olympic Village was so beautifully designed that every Olympic village since has been modelled on it. The Berlin stadium boasted seating for 100,000 spectators. Attending were four million fans and journalists from 41 nations. The Berlin Olympics was the first to be televised.  Competing in the 1936 Games were a record number of participants: 4066 athletes including 331 women from 49 countries.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics is invariably referred to as the Olympics during which American Negro, Jesse Owens, ‚humiliated Nazi Germany and destroyed the myth of Aryan superiority.‘  The truth is quite the opposite.

Jesse Owens was a fine athlete and citizen of one…

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Dr. David Duke:

The escalating danger to white people and the promotion of hatred and violence.

The truth abut „Black Lives Matter“ and the media incitement.

veröffentlicht am 11.07.2016


Some have asked for reference on the Black chief ordering his cops not to wear protective gear: I heard it on from those tv reporters on the scene who reported it without even a word of disparagement. Anybody else and the question would be why order cops not to have protective gear when there is so much violence accompanying BLM events and even when leaders are chanting death to police! Here’s one and there are some others if you dig! „One might also potentially argue that fewer cops would have died if they had all been wearing riot gear, or policing the rally in armored trucks. Possibly. But this wasn’t a protest that got out of hand.“ Of course BLM has had a lot of violence and a lot demos and leaders calling for the death of police. Even this shooter admitted he was inspired by BLM. When BLM screams shoot cops in unison and dead cops NOW, one can see why. HEADLINE: What the Dallas Police Department does right — and why doing those things could now be more difficult  – Washington Post, july 8