Published on Wed, 2018-07-11

Wolfgang Stahl, Anja Sturm and Wolfgang Heer with their client in April 2013, whom they represented, for better and for worse, through thick and thin, for almost 7 years, and they aren’t done yet.

by Carolyn Yeager

THE LIE AT THE BASE OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY  infects everything about it and thereby poisons especially its system of justice. Everything is political in this captive Nation — even ‚justice‘ has to follow the politically correct script.

After a five-year trial (a 7 year investigation), at the end of which nothing was proven for certain without the voluntary written testimony given by main defendant Beate Zschäpe – in opposition to her lawyers‘ counsel – the verdict is so predictable.

Zschäpe was found guilty of the murder of all 9 “foreign citizens,” plus all the bombings and robberies – even though she wasn’t present at any – and given a life sentence.

Head judge Manfred Goetzl told the packed courtroom that all three members of the NSU had resolved to carry out „ideologically-motivated attacks“ and kill foreign citizens, and had planned the murders together. He emphasized that the attacks could only have succeeded if all three members had thoroughly planned and prepared all the acts in advance, rejecting Zschäpe’s defense that she had only found out about them afterwards.

As I see it, there is no evidence for that. It is a supposition, the way the judges have spun the narrative so they could punish a living person for the murders. He also concluded that it could not have happened without neo-Nazi networks throughout the country. But they never demonstrated a single one, only individuals with connections to the domestic security agency (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or Bfv) in some way.

Judge Goetzl added that Zschäpe had played a „special role“ in creating a „harmless legend“ for the outside world, while the two now-dead male members of the group had carried out the attacks. So he admits she did not take an active part.

Zschäpe’s attorney Wolfgang Heer said afterwards that his client would lodge an appeal, calling the conviction „legally flawed.“ Der Spiegel quotes him as arguing:

„Ms. Zschäpe did not plan any murders, she did not get any guns, she did not participate in the deeds. She was not even close to even a crime scene and has not controlled the crimes of Mundlos and Böhnhardt from the kitchen table.”

Zschäpe was to be condemned, said Heer, only for simple arson, which “is all that remains of the prosecutor’s charge.“

The other defendants, Ralf Wohlleben, Holger Gerlach and Carsten Schultze were also given prison terms for ‚assisting‘ the NSU — of 10 years and 3 years respectively. Wohlleben, who procured a gun for Schultze, has already been confined 7 years (!), so therefore can look forward to his release in the not too distant future. Schultze handed the gun to the men. Gerlach gave his birth certificate and other ID to friend Uwe Mundlos.

What it comes down to is that keeping the founding story of the Federal Republic of Germany intact [the anti-Hitler and Nazi Holocaust story, I mean] is worth ruining the lives of innumerable German nationals who see it differently. But real democracy for Germany? Forget about it.