„So wenig hundert Hohlköpfe einen Weisen ergeben, so wenig kommt aus hundert Feiglingen ein heldenhafter Entschluß.“ — Adolf Hitler

"Neues Europa"

Source: https://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.nl/2010/01/national-socialist-critique-of.html

Democracy or Leadership

Translated by Hadding Scott from the 16th (1940) edition of Hansjoerg Maennel’s Politische Fibel.

Democracy is the doctrine of the equality of all human beings and of the ability of all human beings to govern themselves. (Democracy, Greek = rule by the folk, rule by the masses.)

The starting point of the democratic conception is: „All men are equal.“ „Everything that bears a human countenance is equal.“ Not only are the peoples equal to each other (this view leads to Internationalism), but even the human beings within a folk are equal. Consequently all have equal rights, even an equal right to participate in the state. „The authority of the state comes from the people.“ (Weimar Constitution, Article 1.) – Since direct rule by the people is unworkable, one chooses representative democracy or parliamentary government.

Parliamentarism is the principle of vote by representatives, who make decisions…

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