Dr. David Duke:

The escalating danger to white people and the promotion of hatred and violence.

The truth abut „Black Lives Matter“ and the media incitement.

veröffentlicht am 11.07.2016


Some have asked for reference on the Black chief ordering his cops not to wear protective gear: I heard it on from those tv reporters on the scene who reported it without even a word of disparagement. Anybody else and the question would be why order cops not to have protective gear when there is so much violence accompanying BLM events and even when leaders are chanting death to police! Here’s one and there are some others if you dig! „One might also potentially argue that fewer cops would have died if they had all been wearing riot gear, or policing the rally in armored trucks. Possibly. But this wasn’t a protest that got out of hand.“ Of course BLM has had a lot of violence and a lot demos and leaders calling for the death of police. Even this shooter admitted he was inspired by BLM. When BLM screams shoot cops in unison and dead cops NOW, one can see why. HEADLINE: What the Dallas Police Department does right — and why doing those things could now be more difficult  – Washington Post, july 8