…klingt zwar erst mal witzig, ist es aber gar nicht.

Leider ist es nur auf englisch, ziemlich lang und ich hab‘ auch erst die erste Drei­viertel­stunde durch — aber hört selber:

 von History Reviewed Channel
bzw Truth Gone Viral TV

veröffentlicht am 20.04.2016

„Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler! Hitler’s propaganda ideas were PERFECT for the Internet & Smartphones! In Chapter 6 of Mein Kampf, we study exactly how Hitler saw propaganda working and why it must be aimed at THE MASSES & HOW to do it. Many of the modern memes on the social media are perfect examples of the brilliance Hitler would have approved of. He explained why you need propaganda and how to carry it out. Adolf Hitler was only 34 when he wrote Mein Kampf. Yet his ideas were firm & very clear. We also examine lies told about German tanks especially during the invasion of France. I also discuss people whom I know who are dedicated NAZIS and who have lost ALL HOPE for the White Race.“


Zur Entspannung noch ein paar schöne Bilder eines ganz, ganz offensichtlich seeehr unglücklichen Volkes…

…oder wie Truth Loyalty and Honour  es genauer ausdrückt:  Unhappy population obviously suffering under tyrannical dictatorship  ;))


Quelle: youtube