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The following Essay was submitted by one of my regular readers, who has been following my Posts since I began Blogging in October of 2012.  This Essay was inspired by previous post “Farewell to Adolf Hitler – An Obituary from May 2nd, 1945“.  

I am most grateful,  and humbled by such a response to my efforts to try and set the historical record straight.  — J4G —

“The crime of the 20th Century was the crushing warfare launched against the German people by those bent upon subjugating ALL of humanity under an “egalitarian” communist tyranny,  and to impose upon, and to divert the successes Hitler’s National Socialist nation, into the terrible exigencies of unwanted War!” ~ Karl S.


My Recovery from my False Anti-Hitler Indoctrination

by Karl S.

Hitler Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H1216-0It’s strange how, with the years and years of anti-Hitler indoctrination, via Holly­wood and state education and the incessant harping of the Jewish lobby, merely hearing the voice of Hitler heard in sound bites from his speeches, invokes fear and loathing in most people. They have been so indoctrinated, as to salivate like Pavlovian dogs, when either shown an image of Hitler or hearing his voice, or even just hearing the name “Adolf”!  But with the education I have received via websites such as “justice4germans”, I now regard Hitler as a great and inspired prophet and poet, crying out his uplifting message of hope for the FAMILY of the German Volk — the people to whom he devoted his whole life!

His theatrical and impassioned addresses were meant to inspire courage, action and greatness within his people, and needed to be bold, theatrical, impassioned, truthful and eloquent, in order to inspire the millions of his FAMILY.  Through reading or hearing translations of his speeches, it finally dawned on me, that he was expressing love and solidarity of a family, and speaking of the harsh realities and of the very survival of the Germans. Suddenly, his message became altogether understandable and his mission, I realized, was truly noble.

His was a love and passion for his fellow Germans, in the sense that, he wanted them to consider themselves, as he did, regardless of what state or region they lived in, as brothers and sisters of the same German family.  He sought to unify them in common purpose, for their very survival in the dire circumstances they found themselves, and then to work together to build a better society with a prosperous future for themselves, in country where they were in charge, with their freedom, rights, human dignity and pride restored.

His speeches were like sermons of impassioned and righteous apostle preaching “the Gospel” to a hungry and afflicted flock.  For example, when he said:

“…the most precious possession you have in the world, is your own People”


and  “…our social welfare system is so much more than just charity, because we do not say to the rich people: please give something to the poor; instead we say to the German People, help yourself! Everyone must help, whether you are rich or poor! Everyone must have the belief that there’s always someone in a much worse situation than I am, and this person I want to help as a comrade. If one should say: yes, but do I have to sacrifice a lot?…That is the glory of giving! When you sacrifice for your community, then you can walk with your head held up high.”

Now those words I find tremendously noble and full of compassion!  What a shame that his detractors slander what he said, and made him out to be a manipulator. No!  I prefer to take him at his word, and consider that he was a visionary, and full of compassion for his family, his family being the German people.

Now, any father who would disregard his children and brothers and sisters of his own family, and lead a ‘selfish’ life, would naturally be considered to be a poor family man, a poor father.  And any politician who tells lies and makes empty promises, and seeks power for his own gain, his own agenda, or the benefit merely his own class or group, would be also be a selfish and despicable Person.  But Adolf Hitler was selfless, and he was no “politician” either.  He held such individuals in contempt!  So, with what I have now learned, through my own diligence, I will continue to see Hitler in this light, as one man who truly wanted to uplift his people, and help them to happiness and health and prosperity,  and who delivered what he promised!

One must naturally start in life, with a love for one’s own immediate family; that’s only logical and good. And then one’s devotion extends to his extended family of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. And then to his immediate community of those of his own race and background and historical attachment to the homeland he is born into. Thus, when considering the enormous pit of degradation the German people had fallen into after WWI, the seemingly bombastic enthusiasm of the National Socialist move­ment, and especially when they finally came to power, and they had the opportunity to make real, effective changes and improvements in the society, and to lift the German peoples’ spirit up out of the mud, off their knees, and onto their noble feet again, this at times frenzied enthusiasm can only properly be understood as the pure joy of a community inspired to love and help each other.

Hitlers Happy Family

What a terrible tragedy, that the conniving, jealous men in the surrounding nations would not let this grand experiment in Social Solidarity go through to completion! If the German people united at last could show the world that a strong, united people could become happy, free and prosperous again, well then it would have shown the other peoples of the world how to unite with their own kind and achieve the same! And then the true “diversity” of humankind could have been allowed to blossom, with mutual respect and reverence for each and every family of nations. That was the true message of Adolf Hitler!

The crime of the 20th Century was the crushing warfare launched against the German people by those bent upon subjugating ALL of humanity under an “egalitarian” com­mu­nist tyranny, and to impose upon, and to divert the successes Hitler’s National Socialist nation, into the terrible exigencies of unwanted war!

From time to time, I go back to this compelling video collage called “This is National Socialism” and would like to share it with your Readers:

This is how I now choose to remember and honor the bright Spirit that came upon Germany in the 1930s!

Best Regards,

Karl S.

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Thank you Karl!

Yes, indeed, Adolf Hitler opposed the New World Order!

THAT is what World War II was about! THAT is why they destroyed Germany! And it demonstrates both a grotesque ignorance and incomprehensible arrogance to still believe and to assert that the Allies, especially the USA and Britain, fought the war against Germany in the cause of “freedom,  democracy, justice and human rights”.

Their cause of One World Government showed itself clearly then, and is the model for their method of operations which they still follow today.

History repeats because people don’t know the real, full and true history, don’t do their own research and don’t think for themselves.  Thankfully an awakening has now begun!



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BMan says:

The mental block that a lifetime of lies causes seems almost impossible to break in many people. The images, video, audio takes of Hitler once caused me to recoil… never because I felt the words, his actions, or his demeanor warranted it, but simply because I was conditioned by the immense efforts to brainwash me into such a belief.

As you point out here (and as Karl has so wonderfully done in his own essay), it takes an open mind. One that forces itself to view/read the speeches and other information thru a willing and learning mind and to shirk that lifelong brain­washing.

If one can do that, it doesn’t take long to experience a break in that mindset. One soon can understand that Hitler was nothing like the Jewish owned media portrays him (or the shills like Alex Jones and company propagate). One soon realizes that he truly WAS fighting the very scourge that infiltrated that German era (and has now infiltrated the US and the rest of the world, with few exceptions).

If the likes of AJ, et al, really believed their own NWO shtick, they would be forced to acknowledge that Hitler was fighting the same evil forces. Hitler should be their inspiration. The NSDAP’s purpose and goal should be the same purpose and goal they support.

But it is not and that tells me that they are liars, fools or absolutely the most ignorant people to walk Earth.

It breaks my heart that so many people are bamboozled by the criminal, Jewish elitists. And sadly, it is so much worse than it was back then. There are many that simply are owned by them and carry out their directives. These sayanim should be ignored by the masses.

I have hope that we are making a difference, but many days I am not so sure that the few meager things I do really help. However, I have no choice. I see the writing on the wall. And I must continue to try and share the real truth of real history.

I have a standard question I ask people:

When, in history, did the PTB tell us the truth?
a) They always tell us the truth.
b) They told us the truth up until and through WWII, then started lying afterwards
c) They lied up until the WWII era, told us the truth about Hitler/NSDAP, then started lying again
d) Always lied to us about everything

Most alternative thinkers/bloggers/researchers (etc) seem to believe that they started lying after WWII and that WWII was the “Good War”. But a few of us now understand that IT IS ALL LIES.

History does repeat itself, and it is more horrific and encompassing now than it was in that era. I pray that it can be stopped.

Thanks for all you do, Wayne. Thanks to Karl for his excellent story of self-change and realization.


elentari98 says:

Yes, Thank God an awakening has begun. I came upon a book called Hitler Democrat by General Leon Degrelle by chance. I subscribed to http://www.barnes­ and this book was a gift from them for subscribing. I had never read anything about WW2. I was horrified by everything I had read or heard about Hitler – and Germans too seemed inhumanly cold. I actually used to feel afraid, alarmed and chilled when a picture of Hitler appeared on a screen!
For some reason I actually chose to read Degrelle’s book and I was thunderstruck.
I intend now to read Mein Kampf. I have now read Grand Admiral Doenitz’ memoirs and I am so impressed by the nobility of the German people. I will continue (so little time for books these days.)
For those who would like a quick look into how things actually were I recommend “Hitler & Himmler Uncensored” by Veronica Clark because you can read there two speeches which were given in private and so were not concerned with propaganda or persuading anyone of anything. They are about what these two men actually thought and what they said when among friends – their real feelings and intentions.


RickB says

Wow! I sure am glad I saw the video at the end of this post. How can anyone not be positively stirred by seeing it? No wonder Kennedy admired him. No wonder he was so popular.

This lil video should strike fear in the hearts of mankind’s enemy, the enemy Hitler temporarily freed the Germans from. Oh to have breathed that air of freedom. Oh may mankind do it again… all over the world.

Thanks for the essay. Thanks for your efforts in awakening people to the truth, Wayne.


Andre‘ says:

It took me a while, but have had such a disdain for the judaics, for a very very long time, it drove me to study Hitler once and for all, and now have accept the fact that I, and we, have been completely lied to about everything concerning WWII Germany and Hitler. Now I understand what Germany was up against.