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"Neues Europa"

Adolf Hitler - Portait-11

National-Socialists! Party Comrades! The new Reich is ringing in the New Year for the third time. At the beginning of the twelve months past, the imminent collapse of the National-Socialist regime was prophesied-for the third time.

And for the third time, under this regime Germany has become stronger and healthier in every area of its national life.

I am conscious that, no matter what might happen to Germany, the Party will remain a stable and indestructible foundation for the German will to live, just as it has been in the past fifteen years. A zealously devoted community of German men, German women, and German youth will stand behind me: as it did in the past in both good times and bad, so it will in the future!

May the year 1936 see us filled with a new and sacred enthusiasm to work and stand up for our Volk.


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