Weil ich es EXTRA nochmal zugeschickt bekommen habe (ist wirklich gut gemacht):

Truth Gone Viral: HEIL HITLER !!

Veröffentlicht am 15.01.2015
von Six Million 4 Truth (gelöscht)

Neue Version von: Alerta Judiada

Weitere Sprachen:

Estnisch: Adolf Hitler, Mees kes Võitles Panga vastu. TÕDE ON LÄINUD AVALIKUKS!

Französisch: Adolf Hitler, l’homme qui a combattu les Banques. LA VÉRITÉ DOIT DEVENIR VIRALE!

Holländisch: Adolf Hitler, de man die tegen het grootkapitaal vocht. DE WAARHEID GAAT VIRAL!

Italienisch: Adolf Hitler, l’uomo che lottò contro le banche. LA VERITÀ SI FARÀ VIRALE!

Polnisch: Adolf Hitler – Człowiek, który walczył z Bankiem (Żydem). TYLKO PRAWDA NAS WYZWOLI !

Portugisisch: Adolf Hitler, O Homem que Lutou Contra os Bancos

Spanisch: Adolf Hitler, el Hombre que SÍ luchó contra la Casta

Tschechisch: Adolf Hitler: Muž, který bojoval s bankou – OTEVŘETE PRAVDĚ CESTU!

…und noch nicht „eingearbeitet“:

Dänisch: Adolf Hitler, manden der bekæmpede banken. SANDHEDEN GÅR VIRALT!

Schwedisch: Adolf Hitler, mannen som bekämpade banken. SANNING SOM SPRIDS!


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(Aus der Video-Beschreibung:)


„Yes come to think of it I actually agree with you. I don’t know what come over me. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to side with such a hateful, raving lunatic that created such an abhorrent ideology that should be sent to the dustbins of history? Just some of the most obvious reasons why National Socialism should be shunned by every decent, free thinking person out there in today’s world: 

  1. For it fought crime. 
  2. It attacked vice and perversion. 
  3. It attacked class-snobbery. 
  4. Created jobs and fought unemployment. 
  5. It protected women. 
  6. It protected veterans. 
  7. It protected animals. 
  8. It protected the environment. 
  9. It protected the family.
10. It protected private property.
11. It protected the right to bear arms.
12. For it attacked communist subversion.
13. That attacked special interests and corruption.
14. That restored their national honour.
15. Which protected workers and their rights.
16. Defended Europe from Bolshevism.
17. Promoted mutual respect and cooperation among independent nations.
18. Protected public health.
19. Promoted science and innovation.
20. Developed synthetic rubber, fuels, and fabrics, thousands of new patents.
21. Promoted the arts and cultural vitality.
22. Reinvigorated the manhood of a generation.
23. Protected agriculture, promoted land reforms.
24. Pioneered cancer research.“
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