Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940  is a documentary film made by German National Socialists detailing the strategic invasion of Norway and Denmark (Operation Weserübung) in the spring of 1940. Indoctrinated sheeple may believe that the Nazis only invaded Norway because they wanted more Aryans, yet there is no mention of the Aryan race anywhere in Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940, only details of the invasion itself. This should put the speculation to rest, but I doubt it will ever happen.

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Battle for Norway – 1940 campaign is a 80 minute-long National Socialist documentary directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre by orders from the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. Released in 1940, the movie follows the Invasion of Denmark and Norway in the spring 1940.
The film was never even shown in Germany, and nobody knows the reason why. The movie was for a long time considered lost in its entirety. The Bundesarchiv in Berlin held only a few clips from the film. But then a complete nitrate copy of the film surfaced on an Internet auction in 2005. The Norwegian college professor and media expert Jostein Saakvitne discovered this, and purchased the copy.
He then contacted the Norwegian Film Institute, and a consignment was entered into. The Film Institute had the film transferred to a video master, and sent the nitrate copy to the National Library nitrate film depository in Mo i Rana. As it became clear that the rights belonged to the Bundesarchiv, the film copy was brought back to Germany.

The documentary which was directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre was completely undiscovered until 2005, when a complete nitrate copy of it surfaced on an Internet auction and was purchased by the Norwegian college professor Jostein Saakvitne. Still, the existence of Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 is little known, which makes it rather obscure.

One of World War II facts intentionally kept in obscurity is that Britain sent their explorer troops to Denmark and Norway and both Britain and France openly discussed and planned occupation of both countries long before Germany reacted to provocations that lead to the outbreak of the Second World War.

If you were to do a little digging, you’d learn that it’s an undisputed fact among historians, yet you wouldn’t have learned about it in school because Jewish education system wants the sheeple to believe that WWII was started by the Germans, which it wasn’t.

WWII had been long at works by the allies and was started by Polish Jews massacring tens of thousands of German civilians and raping German children whom they would crucify by nailing them to barn doors in the Danzig corridor.

Likewise, contrary to what Jew screwed education system would want to teach you, the Germans did not invade Norway because they wanted to occupy the world or because they would make a strategically pointless move or whatever the hell kind of other bullshit the Yids spew out of their foul Satanic mouth. Immediately after the invasion, governments of Denmark and Norway were informed by the German envoys that the Wehrmacht had come to protect the countries’ neutrality against blood thirsty, war hungry Franco-British aggression.

Because they were forced to war, Germany needed to protect the iron ore trade with Kiruna in Sweden via Narvik in Norway as well as the naval bases in the area. After the invasion, Germany offered both countries territorial integrity, political independence, neutrality and right to national identity in exchange for them not warring with Germany. Danes accepted the offer after just a few hours of resistance, but Norway, already tricked into bending over for circumcised Jew cock infected at birth with syphilis by a pedophiliac Satanic Rabbi, chose war.

In the battle of Narvik, the German Wehrmacht suffered their first defeat of the war, but in the beginning of May, the British-Norwegian resistance was largely broken. Norway capitulated on June 10, 1940.

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