The new Stürmer

Dear Friends and Fellow Aryans

„It is my profound opinion that Judaism must perish“

„Remember the Jews declared war on Germany on March 24, 1933“

Today I’m sending you a letter regarding heroes the Jewish American community look up to. I mainly base my letter on books written by Jews living in USA.

Every country – or rather inhabitants of the white race in each country – have their heroes. For Norway – men like Nansen, Amundsen, Ibsen and the many poets and composers and some of the sportsmen and women are heroes. For Germany – the patriotic Germany, not the Jewish proselytes in Bonn/Berlin – the heroes are to be found among people like Goethe, Schiller, Bach, Beethoven, Pieper, Remer, Heinz Guderian and the many soldiers of both the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. The English have their sports stars and Lord Nelson (just to name one of a lot of heroes the Bretoner/Breatnaigh have). The Irish have Eamon de Valera among many . Other European countries have their heroes, like Sweden with King Karl XII. This only touches on some heroes and their countries.

But the Jewish community of USA does not have heroes that have done anything for the USA. They do not appreciate Lindberg, even if his flight from the USA to France was an heroic deed. Nor do they look up to people like Davie Crockett or Abe Lincoln. Who then are the heroes of the Jewish American community? They are opium dealers, mafia lords and killers like Louis „Al“ Capone, Louis „Lepke“ Buchalter, Arnold Rothstein, Benjamin „Bugsy“ Siegel, Dutch Schultz, Charlie „Lucky“ Luciano, Little Farvel Cohen, Gangy Cohen, Abraham „Kid Twist“ Reles (before he told tales on the other mobsters to the police), Meyer Lansky, and all the other mafia bosses in USA. They are the heroes that Jewish Americans look up to and speak about. They are the talk of the day when Jews like Sid Younger (borned Yalowitz), Asher Dann (born Jagoda), Herbie Cohen and Larry King (of CNN. Born Larry Zeiger) meet. (This information is given by Rich Cohen, son of Herbie Cohen, in his book „Tough Jews, Fathers, Sons and Gangsters“) They are the heros young Jews in JewSA are told to look up to even today, fifty years after Kid Twist told about his friends killings, and after Louis Buchalter was executed. But the Jews in America were also major dealers in smuggling and sale of distilled spirits during both of the prohibitions in American history, the one in the late 18th century and the one in this century. During both these prohibitions the Jews were allowed to produce and sell wine – because they claimed they needed wine for religious reasons. But as they used to say: A lot of wine and distilled liquor can ran through one barrel. Before the prohibition of the 20’s came to an end they once again turned to dealing in opium.

Why are these hoodlums the heroes of JewSA? Because they smuggled opium, were pimps, killed white European Americans, stole money from European Americans and paid money to the Jewish community and their rabbis. And because they showed the JewSA how they should treat the European Americans.


Ever since the Jews came to USA they have been setting up their gangs of hoodlums and criminals, as they have done where ever they have lived in the diaspora. They have been dealing in opium and other drugs. They have been fences, killers, pimps, extortionists and money lenders at usurious rates of interest.

These have been and remain the occupation the Jews choose when they arrives in a new country. As these occupations are so profitable they do not change even when they move into better circles. No, they have their businesses run by other Jews and the first and second generation sit back and take the big profits.

My view is that Jews even today are the real men behind opium smuggling and dealing all over the world. One of the reason why I believe this is that the Jews never have given up a trade they had monopoly in. For instance, look at the trading of diamonds, They are the diamond dealers and have been for as long as those stones have been traded. Look at the way they took over the Bank of England back in 1694, then they forced the English politicians to establish that deposits in gold should count twice as much as deposits in money. Then as now only the Jews had large amounts of gold.

The traffic in opium and cocain is such a good business and give such a large profit that here is no way the Jews will give up their monopoly.


Some of the mobs that inflicted their barbaric criminal actions on the American public had Italian backgrounds and were Christians, but they were Jews all the way. They were marranos ( Spanish name for baptised Jews). During the 4th century some Jews moved to Sicily and settled down. These Jews soon became hated by the Sicilians and were driven up into the mountains of Sicily. Here they lived for many centuries. They became Christians through the centuries to come, but deep down they remained Jews, and kept their Jewish hatred for Christians.

As White Europeans started moving to America, some of the Marranos from Sicily and southern Italy followed. Together with their brethren from other parts of Europe they soon hooked up into the various mobs in the cities of America. Their Rabbis told the Jews to keep their „nationality“. This would prevent the European Americans from coming to hate the Jewish criminal community in the cities. But for the Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia it was impossible to be anything but Jews.

When Jewish gangs were in the headlines the Jewish press emphasized the so-called Italian mob instead of the real evil – the Jewish mob and their backers – rabbis and money dealing Jews who financed their criminal brethren.

The Jews of Hollywood have used million of dollars to tell us that most of the mobs were Italian, but they have used even more money to give us a false picture of the few Jews recognised as being Jews.

In 1994 (or thereabouts) the Jews in Hollywood made their famous movie „Bugsy“ on the life of the infamous Jewish gangster, Benjamin „Bugsy“ Siegal with the notoriously nigger-lovin‘ actor, Warren Beatty playing the role of Siegal ( and Benjamin „Ghandi“ Kingsly playing the role of Meyer Lansky – a role that Ben Kingsly obviously got even more „into“ than he did when he played „Moses“ recently – let alone his rendition of „Ghandi“ ! ) and in this movie IT IS OPENLY ADMITTED THAT LUCKY LUCIANO WAS A FELLOW JEW TO SIEGAL AND LANSKY ! (This last paragraph was given to me by one of my readers. Thank you!)

Dr Joseph Gobbels said in 1933 that Lansky was a Jew. The Jews of Hollywood did not admit that Gobbels was right when he said that Lansky was Jewish but then again no Jew would admit that any German was correct in claiming a Jew did any wrong.


This was done to maintain the HOAX of Jews being the persecuted ones and to help in establishing the innocence of Jews the Zionists and their rabbis needed for their post-war HOAX.

But as the whole Jewish nation knows the truth and knows that even some White Americans know the truth they needed to establish a new and benign impression of the Evil Jewish Mafia. They ordered their subjects to make movies about Italian hoodlums and give a false impression of their cruelty. Murder Inc. the most vicious of the gangs was an entirely Jewish affair.


During the 16th, 17th and 18th century Jews from England forced the people of Bengal to produce opium for them. This opium was then sold to people of China at the town of Canton. The Jews were the owners of the East India Company. At the same time – or at least during the18th century, Jews from America joined their brethren in the dealing of opium to China. The American Jews got their opium from Turkey.


In his book Rich Cohen regrets that the state of Israel had not been established when the Jewish mob was operating. Had there been a state of Israel at that time the Jews would have had a place to go and hide when the American police were looking for them, he says. That would have given the Jews the same possibilities as the „Italian“ mob. But since the Jews did not have a free haven they finally had to face the police, Cohen regrets.

So, here we have a proof of what I said in an earlier letter to you. ISRAEL is a free haven for Jewish criminals from all over the world!

I know Meyer Lansky was not given asylum in Israel when the police were searching for him, but he was not wanted for a capital crime and he did not spend any time in prison.


To prevent white Aryan America from attacking the wonderful Jewish mafia business, the Jewish community of the JewSA has forced their way into the FBI. By doing so they can control who are being investigated and who are being jailed for criminal activities. And I assure you the Jewish FBI will never set lay hands on the Jewish mob. If they did white Aryan America might start asking questions about the Jewish claim that they are not criminals and that they are the persecuted ones.

Nor will the FBI ever reveal that the so-called Russian mob is really another Jewish mob ripping off not only the people of Russia but also the rest of the world.

Mr Rich Cohen in his book regrets the bad name the Jewish mob gave the Jews of the USA, but he doesn’t regret their actions. No, he loves to tell who they killed and how and that they were Jewish heroes.

The Jews had to have power over the criminal investigations in the USA because in that way they could divert attention away from criminal Jews and into the Hoax the Jewish leadership are inflicting on Aryans and especially Germans. With the American focus on Jewish mobs and criminals the World Jewish Congress would not have been successful in their claims for understanding for the „persecuted“ ones – the only people that have always been persecuted and who can not be blamed for any of their actions.“

If one could once again focus the world on the evil and murderous Jews we would probably be successful in getting rid of them.

They way they themselves and their trained English and white American soldiers behaved towards German women and children more than proves the vileness of the Jewish nation and people. They are evil, and will forever be evil. They can never become anything but evil – no matter how well they are treated by Aryans, Arabs or any other people for that matter. No one must ever believe that a Jew can be decent or friendly towards a white. No, the Jew will remain an enemy no matter how well he is treated.

The only thing we can do to get rid of them and their devilish behaviour is to transport them out of our homelands.

I have written this letter to show you how devious the Jews are and to open the eyes of some into the evil mind of the most devious people on the face of the earth.

We must get rid of them before they destroys this wonderful planet.

Heil og sael