By Carolyn Yeager

The Heretics‘ Hour, Live, Monday, Jan. 13th, 9-11 pm Eastern time (6-8 Pacific) on The White Network, „Continuing Fallout from the HoloCo$t“

Adolf Eichmann, Mark Weber, and HoloCo$t oddities are the featured subjects of tonight’s program.

  • Are you among the faithful of the Religion of the Holocaust;
  • More fantastic stories about Auschwitz from Carlo Mattogno;
  • Mark Weber and David Cole on the Montel Williams show in 2010: How NOT to talk to the public about holo revisionism;
  • Correcting the record: Eichmann was NOT Jewish.

Click on image for enlarged view of Adolf Eichmann as a young SS officer and in Jewish captivity a little over 20 years later.

See you then,
Carolyn Yeager

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