Live, Nov. 23th, 2-4PM Eastern (11AM -1PM Pacific) on The White Network„Jews and Art; Germans and NSU; Mark Weber and the IHR“

Watercolor (21 x 25 inches) by Hans Christoph, one of the „artworks“ that poor persecuted Jews are fighting to get their hands on. How is this different from ordinary cartoons or caricatures that thousands of ordinary artists can do?

Carolyn indulges herself in some of her favorite topics, in what should turn out to be a pretty interesting two hours.

  • Jewish art – more on the pitched battle to be the owner of the kind of art pictured here;
  • Uwe Böhnhardt’s mother testifies again – this time in court;
  • When forgiveness is weakness.

See you then,

A relaxed discussion-type format with one or more guests. Topics will run the gamut of White interests, but historical and holocaust revisionism may be on the menu fairly often. One reason for the time is that Europe-based guests can appear live at this time.

For Carolyn’s history as a revisionist writer and radio show host, refer to The Heretics’ Hour page.

Email: carolyn at thewhitenetwork dot com OR carolyn at carolynyeager dot net

Intro and outro music: Hungarian folk song: Sargul mar a fügefa levele played by Arany Zoltan.  You can listen to it here.

Break music: Unbekannter Soldat (Unknown Soldier) by Annett Müller.
On Youtube:

Words in English:

Unknown Soldier, I stand today before your grave
covered in ivy, nobody thinks of you.
Only a number reflects your agony.
No one comes here to visit anymore, no one misses you,
oh, it hurts to see your stone here, loyal soldier,
more than a nameless grave.

But I hear your voice that softly speaks to me:
You, comrade, please don’t betray us.
We gave everything and paid with our lives.
Now is the time, assume our oath.
Take the weapon in spirit. I know you will succeed.
And have no fear, you are not alone—we will be with you.

I swear to you as true as I’m standing here, I carry the flag wherever I go,
Never will I betray you, not for any money in the world.
I fight for you, unbroken hero; I fight for you, unknown hero.
And whoever still speaks deceit, abuses your names,
stains your feat by greed of money,
is struck by the sword of the invisible hand.

A guard of the dead, sent by Wotan, a guard of the dead, in black garment.
Comrade, you see we stand by you.
The strength that we need is given to us by Wotan.
You gave so much for this land,
it was faith that connected you,
it was faith that connected you.

And when I return to your stone, I will report about our luck.
Then it’s done and we are free again.
Your grave blossoms again, this was my purpose,
your grave blossoms again and now we are free again!